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 Ryu(street fighter)

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PostSubject: Ryu(street fighter)   Sun Jan 27, 2008 12:15 pm


  • Is fast
  • very popular among people and has good strong allies
  • special moves are extremely strong
  • His basic fireball the "haduken" is famous

  • is 2d
  • Controls for special moves are hard to do

Ryu is the most popular character on the game street fighter.Their are a lot of different versions of him like evil ryu and holy ryu but this review is for the basic one.Ryu has very strong allies like ken and sakura.In the original street fighter ryu's controls to do special moves are extremely hard but then again all Street fighter's character's special moves are extremely hard to do.Ryu's haduken is famous and almost everyone has heard of it.He is fast and strong but he has few limited attacks and always uses the same pattern of fighting.Ryu is always trying to improve his skills and fight better opponenets


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Ryu(street fighter)
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