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 Zegram ( Rogue Galaxy )

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PostSubject: Zegram ( Rogue Galaxy )   Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:28 am

Zergam is a very good hunter and a "friend" of Drogengoa, he is also a part of the crew. He dosen't like Jaster at all and never agrees with Jaster. He has a big role in the game. In a part, he betrayes you and steals the key pieces that open the gates to the lost world Eden or Mariglenn and was gonna hand them over to the enemy. Zegram did that because Daytron promised that they will bring "Jane", who is his wife back to life. He was 99% sure that it wasn't gonna happen but he believe in the 1% that Jane would come back to life. Fortunately he didn't hand them over to Valkog, the leader of Daytron but instead he had to fight Seed, alone. You fight once before he escapes with the keys. But then he will join you again. This is one of the most character that i like. He is always in the party. Prefer him more than Kisala cause his lighting ability can really help.


Most of my reviews are taken from www.gamespot.com I shorten them and find the most important parts as their reviews are over 3 pages long which can be a burden to read and the screenshots are taken from the internet Wink
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Zegram ( Rogue Galaxy )
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