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 Haku ( Naruto )

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PostSubject: Haku ( Naruto )   Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:40 am

Haku was born during a time when people with a kekkei genkai were feared. Because Haku's mother possessed such an ability, so too did Haku. Once Haku's father learned of this he rallied a small mob and had his wife murdered. He would have done the same to Haku, but Haku inadvertently killed both the mob and his father via his kekkei genkai. Haku is also Zabuza's henchmen. We know that Haku is stronger than Zabuza. Why? How can be the student stronger than the teacher? Simple when fighting on the bridge, Zabuza said " Even if you manage to beat me, you wouldn't have a chance against Haku". That's why. Haku found against Naruto and Sasuke in the Prison of Ice and Mirror. After Naruto thought that Haku killed Sasuke, the spirit of Kyuubi awakened and manages to beat Haku easily. But Naruto didn't want to kill Haku but he told him to kill him. Haku is a boy bytheway. Naruto didn't kill him, Kakashi did. When he was going to kill Zabuza with the Lightning Blade, Haku came in the way and got himself killed to save Zabuza. Zabuza also died then but he manages to kill Gatou too, the person that hired him to kill the bridge builder. The thing that i admire is that he faced the death in the eye.

I though he was a girl, and everyone would say that. But as said in the anime, Haku told naruto that he's a boy, kinda weird isn't it?

Sasuke's "death" awakened the spirit of the nine-tail fox


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Haku ( Naruto )
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