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 Rumble Roses XX

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PostSubject: Rumble Roses XX   Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:38 am

Metachronos overall score = 6.8 / 10

- A decent bit of variety and strategy in the wrestling
- Great graphics
- Online play

- The game's voyeuristic aspects are kind of creepy at times
- Not enough variety in the costumes and editing functions to make them worthwhile
- Gameplay becomes predictable after a short time
- Single-player experience is just kind of confusing

If you played Rumble Roses on the PS2, you'll be immediately familiar with the characters presented here, because all the same ones are present and there actually aren't any new ones. Like the last game, there are dual versions of each character available, one good and one evil. In addition to that, each good and evil character has a "superstar" version that can be unlocked as you play. The superstar version wrestles similarly to the good or evil version of the character she represents, but with stronger moves and snazzier costumes. As neat as the superstars are, they're still just variations on characters you've already seen multiple versions of. If you take away all the variables, you've really only got 11 unique characters to choose from, and again, they're all the same ones from the PS2 game. That's just lazy.

At the very least, there is more fight variety to be had in Rumble Roses XX. You've got basic singles, tag team, triple threat, handicap, and fatal four-way matches, as well as a few gimmick matches. The queen's match is a standard match with an ending stipulation: The loser will be humiliated in a fashion determined at the beginning of the match by the opponent. These stipulations include such dastardly humiliations as forcing the loser to play a particularly tough game of limbo, pushing the loser into a swimming pool, making him or her dance, or just having the loser pose sexily. Of course, there's no actual work involved in this. Both players just sit back and watch the end result for as long as they can take it without wondering why they aren't doing something better with their time. The other main gimmick match is a street fight that involves punching and slamming opponents until a health meter runs out. This mode feels pretty tacked on, like a cheap way to cash in on the whole hot chicks fighting element from the Dead or Alive games, or something. Not that the whole game isn't probably trying to do that on some level, but the wrestling system just doesn't feel conducive to a typical fighting game experience, thus making it seem out of place. Rumble Roses XX is a better game than its PS2 predecessor, but there are still too many annoying things about it to make it a success. Again, there isn't a single thing wrong with wanting to put attractive, well-built women in a wrestling game, but Rumble Roses XX insists on taking it to such levels of objectification that it just becomes hard to put up with after awhile. Not to mention that very little else of what the game offers, both from gameplay and feature standpoints, is strong enough to carry the load apart from the whole titillation aspect. In the end, Rumble Roses XX is another merely decent wrestling game that could have been a lot better had the focus been on the gameplay, and not on its more sordid elements.


Most of my reviews are taken from www.gamespot.com I shorten them and find the most important parts as their reviews are over 3 pages long which can be a burden to read and the screenshots are taken from the internet Wink
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Rumble Roses XX
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