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 Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2

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PostSubject: Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2   Tue May 27, 2008 12:27 pm

Metachronos overall score = 8.0 / 10

- Most featured and best looking DDR game yet
- Better Xbox Live support
- Fun alternate gameplay modes

- Too similiar to the first one
- Could have used more variaty
- Not friendly to beginners
- Sorry tymon, only 3 to go, DDR games that is.

Konami's rhythm-based Dance Dance Revolution series made its first appearance on the Xbox with last year's Ultramix, and it made a good first impression. Sporting all the standard modes DDR fans have come to expect, along with some clever new multiplayer modes, four-player support, and Xbox Live support for both competitive play and downloadable content, Ultramix was the most feature-rich DDR game to appear on any console. A year later we're treated to DDR Ultramix 2, which is almost identical to the first Ultramix. This might have been a big disappointment if this entry in the series wasn't still the best value to be found in a DDR game. Fortunately, Konami further sweetens the purchase deal by including an even larger track list.

Even if you don't know it by name, you've seen kids stomping wildly on Dance Dance Revolution machines in movie theater lobbies, at the mall, in bowling alleys, or perhaps even in honest-to-goodness arcades. Eschewing any sort of conventional control scheme, DDR demands that you follow onscreen commands that prompt you to step on a four-way directional pad in specific sequences and in time with the music that's playing. There have been many oddball strains of DDR over the years, but Ultramix 2 sticks to the basic four-panel control scheme. Bringing the experience home means that you'll need an Xbox-compatible dance pad controller to really experience Ultramix 2, since there's no point to DDR if you don't break a sweat. And thanks to the difficulty level in Ultramix 2, you'll be pouring sweat after a few songs, even on the second-lowest difficulty level. Ultramix 2 is definitely designed for those who have put in serious work with past versions of the game, and it provides a hearty challenge from the get-go. It also gives you a good variety of gameplay modes to test your skills. You can go in to the main game mode for a straight-up song, which is about as vanilla as the gameplay gets in Ultramix 2. There are the other standards as well, such as the edit mode, which lets you compose your own step routines, and the workout mode, which ostensibly counts the calories you're burning as you play.

Hyperenergized techno and disconcertingly sunny, sugary J-pop have been the staple genres for Dance Dance Revolution since the beginning, and both are represented fully in Ultramix 2. There's a handful of licensed tracks as well, such as the Commodore's "Brick House" and a Paul Oakenfold remix of Elvis Presley's "Rubberneckin'," but these are in the minority. So if synth-driven dance music doesn't get you going, then you'll have a bit of trouble finding music in Ultramix 2 that suits you. Even though the game feels awfully similar to last year's Xbox game, Ultramix 2 is still a fantastic package, although it's just a little less impressive this time around. Owners of Ultramix will probably want to seriously appraise the song listing in Ultramix 2 before plunking down 50 bucks. Otherwise, Xbox owners looking for a solid rendition of a familiar rhythm action favorite can't go wrong with DDR Ultramix 2.


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PostSubject: Re: Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2   Wed May 28, 2008 1:12 pm

more of the same
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Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2
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