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 Postal 2+AW+AWP

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PostSubject: Postal 2+AW+AWP   Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:42 am

This is a review for postal 2 Share the pain+Appocaypes weekend expension pack+a week in paradise mod(more commenly known as AWP) but i'l just refeair it to postal 2



-Great gameplay
-one of the few games in which in it you can actully pee
-Some games you can slice people up or blow their heads of...in this game you can slice them up,cut out their heads(and play soccer with it) burn their corpse and pee on them and repeat.
-offers a lot of weapons
-great stress relevier
-The game can be beaten without killing 1 single person.

-Belive it or not...the game dosn't have a story you just complete everyday errands mostly except in the last 2 days where their is a zombie outbreak
-sometimes the game crashes unexpectadly no matter how fast your computer is.
-guns could have been better.
-It is banned in most contries so if you want to buy it you have to buy it off the internet.

Postal 2 is one of the bloodiest game in the world and surprise! it dosn't have a plot line.Yup their is a small story in the end but it dosn't even make any sens most of the time you complete everyday errands.Their are always 2 ways to complete the mission their is the boring and normal way(for example in the mission get milk you just get the milk,pay and go away) but that's not the dude's type(forgot to mention the main charachter's name is simply "the dude").Or you can take the milk,kill the other customers,go out back,get attacked by some crazy indian girls(and then kill em),jump out of the window,get chased by the cops,kill some random passer bys,go up on the roof and start peeing on random people.The game as a "GTA" style of playing where you can complete missions or simple free roam but as an fps.The game is also extremly funny for example while mass killing(killing lots of people at once) sometimes the dude would say "...and one for the pope".Something else i liked about the game is the police.The police don't just go after you AND ONLY you like most games,no but they go after everyone who is breaking the law(or the one who's breaking the most laws).

The game's graphics could have been better but their are "passable".The game is also very original especialy for the ability to play with corpse's.You know when 1 kill a person in a game their dead bodie disappiers...not in this game! their dead body stays their for a while(until you kill more people mostly) and you can "play" with it you can kick it around,burn it,pee on it,slice it up,cut off the head and use it as a ball.


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Postal 2+AW+AWP
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